VM-Creating Script (the other way)

VM-Creating Script (the other way)

What is this blog-post about? Yet another VM-creation script?

Maybe it is, but on the other hand it is a little bit more.

The Problem

I`m running different XenDesktop Sites with dedicated, persistant Desktops which where created from scratch with SCCM while ordered by a customer. So, no PVS, MCS or any kind of linkedclones for this one.

What i need or better said what i have to check every time.

  1. sizing of the VM
  2. Environment to Place (XD-Sites,…)
  3. Placement within SCCM Collections
  4. VM-Name (counting Names)

How to solve

So i decided not to use a „blank“ template anymore. That’s what i did before. I created some VMs which fits my needs (different vCPU/RAM/NETWORKS/DISKS).

Now i put this stuff into a list of parameters into the script. So i get rid of the disadvantages of those templates. (Templates are fine but not for me! Could be discussed if you like to 😉 ) Some of this parameters are set as variable directly, for others an useraction is needed.

Depending on the targeting environment the VMs where placed into the correct AD OU and SCCM DeviceCollection, therefore i added an ADS and SCCM part.

Regarding Naming-Convention i had to deal (i guess most of you will do too) with a numeric counting system like vPC0001,… So i check the last used name within the OU and start counting.

All you need is VMware PowerCLI and SCCM and ADS Modules for Powershell loaded.

Just take a look and you will see.

Here we go

Feel free to use. I would love to see your view on it in the comments 😉



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