The Power of… (Rethink your VDI project kick off)

The Power of… (Rethink your VDI project kick off)

While reading Brian Suhr’s „Architecting EUC Solutions“ i had to compare it with some lessons learned from my VDI Projects. There are many facts you have to keep in mind to achieve a good result of your VDI Project. I summarized 3 of the main non IT facts with benefits for your IT projects as „The Power of…“

The Power of leadership

We knew that our leaders have the power to stand in first row of the company, but did you remember this fact in the kick-off phase of your VDI project? And did you completly involve your leadership?
You will get the awerness of the users if you have there leaders with you.

So use the power of the leadership for your project to:

  • get support for yourself
  • let them communicate into their orga units
  • get new ideas (usecases)
  • get manpower from their units

As you can see, there are some good reasons to stay in touch with the leadership to get up your project running

The Power of marketing

That’s not my kind of stuff you think? I would say you are wrong. It should be your stuff. I hired a marketing person for my last project and she made some cool hand-outs with a lot of useful informations…

„Cool“??? YES, that’s what the customer should think about your product. That’s the reason why there is marketing for all kind of things. So why not for yours?

I guess that there are 3 possibilities for your project:

  1. No one will use your product because nobody knows about it
  2. The customers will use it because they have to (that wouldn`t be that better)
  3. They use it because they like to do (that should be the way to go)

So feed them with informations and don’t do it the technical way – use the Power of marketing

The Power of users/knowledge

The Users… it’s all about the users because focusing on desktops means focusing on users.

We got the leadership involved. There is a planned marketing campain but what for? You will loose the users sooner or later if you don’t get there problems and needs and then solve them. That´s what your project is about.

So do your homework first!
Go and speak with the users. Interview them and get their needs. ALL of them. Why?
You have to build a project plan with all usecases in mind even if your boss or the external company pays you for that few usecases they had in mind.
I´m pretty sure that will be more or even other usecases which have be satisfied then those mentioned in the order.

Do a plan, maybe with an excel sheet where you draw a picture of every single usecase. You will be the lucky one if you have a „Plan B“ not only in mind but also a solution in your pocket.
One of the worst thing which can happen is an unanswerd question about a single usecase. A problem one, or a small group of, user(s) needs to be solved. That one usecase your boss had not on his plan.
But you have the answer because you made your homework. And you even calculated with this one.
You planned a storage solution which could also fit this needs.
You choose a vendor who has a product or even a feature for that in his portfolio.

Maybe you don’t have that storage or vendor but then you have the answer in your pocket.
If the question or usecase will suprise you, hmm! No answer – i guess!

I called it the Power of users/knowledge because the knowledge regarding the way of working only the user has has to be your knowledge while designing your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Think big!!!

Don’t shrink your project to „Just a VDI Project“ – think bigger and present it that way. Best way to reach the finish line of a project is to get a following order because the customers or your boss,… asked for more usecases or better solution then the existing one.
What i mean is, think about your remote connection while talking about a VDI. Talk about possibilities to replace PCs. rethink your mobil solution,…

That could be easily done if you have all the following questions answered because you did your homework and designed for ALL usecases.
So even if the usecases you wrote down to your excelsheet where out of scope during the project (Remember: You only will know afterwords) – you created a theoretical solution for it and now you could use it.

Maybe, hopefully it isn’t just a VDI Project – it could be the rethinking of your EUC!


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